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20 Slots @ 128K .95 Per Slot - Just $19 Per Month!

40 slots @ 128K .90 Per Slot- Just $36 Per Month!

100 Slots @ 128k .85 Per Slot-Just $85 per Month!

500 Slots @ 128k - $275 per month

20 Slots @ 64K .75 Per Slot - Just $15 Per Month!

40 Slots @ 64K .70 Per Slot - Just $28 Per Month!

100 Slots @ 64K .65 Per Slot - Just $65 Per Month!

* A slot equals 1 listener i.e. 20 slots equal 20 listeners at the same time

Auto DJ - Content delivery

We offer a range of content delivery options to suit your needs with options to upgrade as and when you need. Our AutoDJ system was developed in-house and is unique to Bandwidthdaddy.

AutoDJ is very easy to use, you simply upload your MP3 files using our web based uploader or FTP, enter your stream server details and press play. That's really all it takes - it's that simple!

If you need to use more advanced features such as scheduling then there are full instructions in our knowledgebase and if you need help then you can always open a support ticket and our staff will be happy to help.

All servers come with a no-obligation 24 hour free trial

Auto Dj Pricing

Auto Dj -500 Mb $6.00

Auto Dj -1000 Mb $10.00

Need A website for your radio Station? With us we will built it for free!