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What is a shoutcast?
A shoutcast is an audio internet "broadcast" similar to a radio station broadcast. SHOUTcast`s underlying technology for audio delivery is MPEG Layer 3, also known as MP3 technology. All accounts can deliver audio or video live or on-demand.

Are your streaming services compatible with SAM 3 Broadcaster?

Can I broadcast video?
All "per bandwidth" plans support video broadcasts from your webcam or other video sources. You will need to download NSV (Nullsoft Streaming Video)

Are the licensing fees included in the price for the SHOUTcast Streaming Server?
No, licensing fees are not included. Please contact

How do I broadcast to your SHOUTcast Servers?
Broadcasting to our SHOUTcast hosting servers it not difficult at all. You will first have to have a compatible player and the SHOUTcast DSP plug in installed on your computer. Once the plug in is installed, you will configure it to use an IP address we assign to you and a username and password to connect. The live content that you play is streamed to our servers, and available for others to connect and listen to.

Will our broadcast appear in the SHOUTcast directory?
Yes, the stream can be listed in the directory by clicking the "Make this server public" checkbox (part of SHOUTcast Source Plugin settings).

What is DNAS?
DNAS is SHOUTcast's Distributed Network Audio Server. It is the software that run on our servers, and it is responsible of receiving the audio from the broadcaster, update the SHOUTCast directory with broadcast information (title, artist, bitrate), and sending the broadcast to the listeners.

Can I broadcast at 128kbps or more? I don't want my stream to sound like an AM radio.
Yes, you can. But keep in mind that you will consume more bandwidth.

Do your SHOUTcast servers have a static IP?
Yes, all accounts have static IPs.

How do listeners tune in to SHOUTcast broadcasts?
By using a media player compatible with streaming MP3 audio. Recommended players are:
Winamp for Windows.
Audion for Mac.